Beyond CSR: Jimmy Dickinson Fund Focus

Since 2019, the Jimmy Dickinson Fund has supported organisations across Kirklees in mental health and wellbeing projects.

The Jimmy Dickinson Fund looks to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation that can lead to anxiety and depression. Projects have ranged from writing workshops to yoga and walking programs designed to promote and encourage good mental health.

Oasis Care

Oasis Care recognised the impact loneliness and isolation can have on mental health, especially for older people. They worked to combat this by providing sessions with a trained facilitator, encouraging attendees to share their stories and experiences with others.

Longley Farm has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, and throughout its history the business has found lots of different ways to support the local community. Working with One Community has allowed us to keep that close connection with voluntary groups in the local area, whilst keeping the practical side of giving nice and simple. Since setting up the Jimmy Dickinson Fund in 2019, we’ve also been able to support a much wider variety of groups and projects, and One Community’s knowledge and expertise of the voluntary sector in Kirklees has been invaluable in making sure the fund has the most impact.

Katie Jones, Longley Farm

Sadly, we’ve seen need for mental health provision rise over recent years due to the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. Through donations from Longley Farm, One Community has allocated over £36,000 to charitable groups in Kirklees in the past two years to combat the isolation and loneliness that leads to poor mental health.

Emma Woods-Bolger, CEO, One Community

Emma has worked as a Philanthropy Advisor and Grantmaker for 13 years, liaising with philanthropists, advisors and charitable organisations in Kirklees and Calderdale. She has been the CEO of One Community Foundation since 2019, steering the charity to award over £1,000,000 to over 300 grantees in 2022-23.