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Complaints Process
Persons making formal complaints are asked to write or email an explanation of the issue that has caused them to be dissatisfied or attend a meeting.  A complaint should also contain an explanation of what the person making the complaint requires to be done to resolve the issue.
Complaints should be sent to the Administrator to be registered.
The Administrator will send an acknowledgement by return giving a complaint registration number.  Including this number with any further correspondence will assist One Community in investigating the complaint.
The Administrator will refer the complaint to the CEO – Emma Woods-Bolger – for the first review.
All correspondence about complaints will be treated as confidential.
When the first reviewer has considered the detail of the complaint, the person raising the complaint will receive a written response detailing any proposed remedial action.  This will normally be done within 28 working days of the receipt of the original complaint.  If this is not possible, the Administrator will explain this in writing within the 28 days.
The person raising the complaint will also be told in this response that they can request a second review.
If a second review is requested, the matter will be referred to a more senior person within One Community.  This may be the Chair of the Foundation, or another Trustee as appropriate.
Following the second review, the person raising the complaint will be provided with a written response detailing any changes to the previously proposed remedial action.  In the majority of cases the second review will be the final position of One Community.  However, this final response will also indicate if, and how, the complaint can be progressed beyond this second stage, e.g. an appeal against the decision to be heard by the full Board of Trustees.
Further progressing of a complaint beyond the second review will depend on the nature of the matter.  The Charity Commission has a list of the types of issues it would be willing to investigate.  Other alternative routes include the police, trading standards or health and safety department within a local authority and a funding body if the service being complained about was funded directly by such a body.  The response from the second review will explain all relevant options.
If an accusation is made that this procedure has not been followed, the matter can be raised for discussion at a Trustees’ meeting by contacting the Chair of the organisation.  The Trustees’ meeting will not consider the substantive matter because this may invalidate the second review process, but may refer the whole matter back to the first review stage and ask for a report to make sure that the full procedure is followed.
If at any stage the person making the complaint wants to stop a complaint from being progressed, he/she can do so in writing or email to the Administrator.  One Community reserves the right to continue to investigate serious complaints in these circumstances.
Results of Complaints
The Board will receive a report at least once a year showing how many complaints have been received, the general nature of the problem and a list of remedial actions that have been taken.  The Board may, at their discretion, require more frequent reports.  A summary statement will, at the discretion of the Board, be published in the annual report.