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One Community does not employ fundraising agencies, street fundraisers, or undertake telephone fundraising programmes.

We are a fully-accredited member of the UKCF (United Kingdom Community Foundations), and one of 46 foundations operating across the UK. We have been endorsed by the Charity Commission as part of the UKCF Quality Accreditation process. Accreditation is a programme which endorses and encourages best practice by Community Foundations.

Achieving Quality Accreditation (QA) demonstrates that a Community Foundation is serious about excellence and accountability. It specifies what we do and how we do it in a way that other quality systems cannot, and enables Community Foundations to position themselves as part of a highly-performing network across the UK.

QA is based on a set of standards relevant to Community Foundation, which include five key performance areas, plus a corporate assessment which looks at the organisation as a whole.
The performance areas are:
• Definition & Governance
• Finance & Risk
• Donor Services & Development
• Grantmaking
• Community Engagement & Communications.

The Foundation primarily works with businesses and individuals to develop charitable funds that we then manage. We utilise the income from these funds to make grants to support Kirklees voluntary activity. We raise additional funds by operating a supporters’ scheme and a small events programme.

We work within the law at all times. Charity law covers the rules relating to the setting up and operation of charities. The main piece of legislation is the Charities Act 2011, which came into effect on March 14th 2012. In addition, we also adhere to the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Practice. We also comply with laws that apply to data protection, health and safety and the environment.

We answer all reasonable questions about our fundraising activities and costs. We will not sell or share your data with other charities or anyone else. Your information is held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We are clear about who we are, what we do, and how your gift is used. We respect the rights, dignities and privacy of our supporters and beneficiaries. We will not put undue pressure on
you to make a gift, and if you do not want to give, or wish to cease giving, we will respect
your decision.

We only contact people who have made a donation to One Community, or who have specifically opted in to receiving further contact from us. We respect the wishes of people who don’t want to hear from us.

If you are unhappy with anything we’ve done whilst fundraising, you can contact us to make a complaint. We have a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available on request.

Last reviewed March 2022.

Further information:

UK Community Foundations (UKCF) is the membership organisation for Community Foundations that work across the UK to raise then distribute money directly to local causes. Community Foundations operate to ensure any form of philanthropy, whether from an individual or an organisation, is effective and brings greatest benefit to those in need in our local communities.

Last year, Community Foundations made over 20,000 grants, distributing over £65 million to local causes. Community Foundations’ total managed endowment stood at £500 million in March 2015. We represent 48 quality accredited Community Foundation members.

The UKCF’s Quality Accreditation process is endorsed by the Charity Commission and uses standards consistent with the Charity Commission’s Hallmarks of an Effective Charity, with robust, transparent and fair assessment processes. Achieving Quality Accreditation demonstrates that Community Foundations are serious about quality and accountability.