Give local.
Change lives.

As an individual donor or a business, you have the power to positively impact lives in your local community.

How to donate

Impact Fund

Create your own Project Fund or Grant Programme from £25,000. We’ll set it up, manage the grant distribution with the local voluntary or community group and take care of everything else.


Name the Fund, let us know which area you want to reach, choose a successor, and we’ll take it from there. We guarantee that your money will only be used locally and following your wishes. Plus, all legacies left to us are exempt from Inheritance Tax – saving your estate 40%.

Trust Transfer

Is your Trust struggling to distribute its income for public benefit? We can help. Transfer your Trust to us, and we’ll distribute the funds throughout our network of local charities and community organisations.

Trust Transfer

Unlock funds from an inactive or dormant charitable Trust. In partnership with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, we’ll work with Fund Trustees to help them tap into unspent funds and distribute them in line with the original charity aim.


Make a charitable donation with your investment portfolio shares. It’s a simple, tax efficient way of giving back to your community.


Set up a payroll giving scheme so your employees can make monthly tax-free donations. Perfect for companies of any size, there’s no set-up fee and donations are taken after National Insurance but before tax.

your time

Use your time and skills to help others. Work with us or choose a local charity and community organisation in our network, and we’ll set up a volunteer programme for you.