Oasis Care Case Study

Feelings of isolation can often lead to mental illnesses like anxiety, and depression. The risk is even greater to older members of the community, who have fewer opportunities to socialise with others.

Oasis Care worked to combat feelings of isolation by providing sessions with a trained facilitator, encouraging attendees to share their stories and experiences with others.

Sessions included a Talking Library where attendees shared their experience of the pandemic. Each story was recorded and included in a collection of stories about Covid and it’s impact on the community. Naturally, this allowed attendees to talk through their own feelings around lockdown and prolonged isolation.

Thank you for supporting Oasis Care. We used the money received to run sessions with a facilitator who worked with the group to talk about their experiences during lockdown and to record them. We also started a keep fit group to aid fitness and mental wellbeing.

Shibon Armstrong, Oasis care

This program aimed to reduce isolation in older people and by connecting people with similar stories, Oasis Care created a welcoming, understanding environment to share experiences. Attendees were able to create lasting connections with others in the community, actively fight loneliness and isolation.