Sports and recreation seminar in Batley.

Chief Executive of the One Community Foundation, Emma Woods-Bolger last night spoke at a sports and recreation seminar in Batley organised and hosted by MP Kim Leadbeater.

Emma said, “It was great to be asked to share our approach to place-based funding, partnership working, and how we view the relationships we have with the local community projects and charities we fund”.

“We were sharing the stage with national funders such as The National Lottery Fund, Sport England, the Football Foundation, Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and local funders Do Something Now, I think we were all able to offer help and support. Not only can we all help with funding but as a local funder, we are also able to support by sourcing skilled volunteers via our Business and Community Connector, and sharing our knowledge on bid writing with local groups who want to go for one of the larger grants from a national funders”.

“I met some great local projects, and expect to receive applications from them in the near future”.

“As I said on the night, we are a relational funder, we approach is open and trusting our and our new practices make life easier for those we fund, we have done a lot of work to reduce the form size, removed repetitive questions. We love an application that talks in plain terms we aren’t fans of buzz words, we are fans of local people doing things to make our community better. Oh, and we can always be tempted out of the office to visit groups to gain a better understanding of their projects, a brew, a biscuit and a natter is ways welcome”.