River Holme Connections Case Study

After planting 25,000 trees in Holme Valley, River Holme Connections needed to maintain the foliage in the area, ensuring these trees can thrive in the coming months. With funding from Bright Green Community Trust, they started a considerable conservation initiative.

As part of the project, staff and volunteers worked on 15,000 trees and hedge plants across 6 locations in the Holme Valley area.

The maintenance work included:

  • Weed control, stake repair, and removal of spiral guards
  • 8 staff days
  • 11 volunteers helping with the work
  • 24 hours of volunteer time

Thanks to the Bright Green Community Fund and One Community we have been able to maintain 15,000 trees this Spring, ensuring that they will thrive and grow to maturity. Woodlands and hedgerows are amazing, they sequester carbon, create wildlife corridors, help improve water quality, slow the flow of water and provide shade and shelter for livestock

Simon Hirst, River Holme Connections

By cultivating these trees, the organisation ensured a reduction of around 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Once grown, the trees will add to the natural beauty of the Holme Valley landscape, inviting members of the community to connect with the nature around them. Projects like this support the local environment and add to the area for decades, creating a lasting, positive impact on the atmosphere and scenery.