One Community Foundation Grant Empowers Eden’s Forest CIC to Deliver Environmental Education Project.

One Community Foundation has provided a grant, which has enabled Eden’s Forest CIC to successfully implement an impactful environmental education project. Through a series of engaging workshops, Eden’s Forest CIC educated 160 children from four schools about renewable energy sources, recycling, and the importance of addressing climate change.

The grant allowed Eden’s Forest CIC to conduct 11 interactive and immersive workshops, providing a “hands-on” learning experience for the participating children. The workshops focused on renewable energy sources, including kinetic, wind, solar, and hydropower. Through practical demonstrations and comparisons of different technologies and applications, the children gained a deeper understanding of renewable energy and its potential to shape a sustainable future.

Additionally, the workshops delved into the subject of recycling and its advantages and disadvantages. The children explored the concept of recycling at both local and national levels, understanding what can and cannot be recycled in their communities. To reinforce their learning, an engaging sorting assault course was organized, further emphasizing the importance of proper waste management and recycling practices.

The environmental education project reached 160 children from the participating schools, providing them with invaluable knowledge and insights into climate change and sustainability. By empowering the younger generation with this education, Eden’s Forest CIC aims to foster a sense of responsibility, awareness, and proactive engagement in environmental conservation efforts.