Hade Edge Band improve their environmental credentials.

Hade Edge Band has a history spanning over 112 years, they not only perform the brass band classics they also innovate with new and dynamic arrangements from a variety of Composers.

22 years after the first plans were drawn up the new band room was opened in June 2007 the Edgar Dickinson Building is a purpose-built band room with three training or individual practice rooms, a kitchen, a music library, a percussion room, and a large and smaller rehearsal areas, and integral trailer garage with loading bay. It is a truly magnificent venue that the band is very proud to have these facilities at their disposal.

However, the band recognised that the building’s eco-credentials could be improved, earlier this year One Community Foundation supported the installation of Solar panels and an exchange of an old lighting and immersion heater.

The group said, “We have installed 10 solar panels to the roof of the band room. One of our team project managed the plan with the provider’s Coretech. We are fitting a backup battery system this will allow us to store the electricity during the day and use the power when and room is being used (usually during the evening hours). Hopefully, this will make us self-sufficient with electric power and also feed the “spare” electricity back into the national grid and income for the band.