Grow to School Case Study

After receiving funding through the Bright Green Community Trust Fund, Grow to School launched a project to help a local primary school teach their pupils about growing plants and fostering wildlife through dedicated allotment space.

Grow to School CIC worked with children, staff and families to clear the overgrown allotment space at Hepworth Junior and Infant School on a Saturday in October 2022.

Once the space was accessible, they added fresh compost and planted the space with autumn/winter vegetables. Come spring/summer the winter crops were harvested and the summer plants and seeds planted.

In the past we have grown a few flowers to support our science curriculum and to attract pollinating insects to our grounds. Working with Grow to School has helped us establish a system for growing food and flowers year round. Each class has their own bed which will continue next year and in the years to come. We have even got the parents involved with helping us maintain the space. One teacher has started growing pumpkins with her class – they have been inspired by the project and are growing them for bonfire night.

Mark Crouch, Headteacher, Hepworth Junior and Infant’s School

The project united all pupils and staff from beginning to end:

  • Each class now have responsibility for the care and maintenance of their own vegetable family bed.
  • Parents were updated with their children’s activities in the garden and the children have taken vegetable seeds home to grow as well.
  • Pupils shared stories about growing at home and at school. The project has stimulated some real interest in the environment and in growing food in young people.