Support to Hundreds in Poverty in Dewsbury with One Community Foundation Grant.

Al Mubarak Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and supporting vulnerable individuals and families, expresses gratitude for the generous grant received from the One Community Foundation. This grant has enabled the charity to extend crucial support to hundreds of people experiencing poverty in Dewsbury.

As part of its ongoing commitment to addressing community needs, Al Mubarak Foundation operates a weekly foodbank initiative at the Outreach Hub. This initiative is a vital resource for individuals and families requiring essential food items. The demand for assistance has significantly increased during the pandemic and persists amid the current cost of living crisis.

Despite receiving generous donations from food suppliers and compassionate families, the demand for food parcels continues to exceed supply. Throughout the project timeline, an average of 70 weekly requests for food parcels have been received. The dedicated volunteers of the Al Mubarak Foundation work tirelessly to fulfil these requests, ensuring that no one goes hungry.

Every Thursday night, the committed volunteers gather to distribute the food parcels to those in need. This collective effort ensures the availability of essential sustenance and fosters a sense of community support and solidarity.

The grant received from the One Community Foundation has played a crucial role in enabling Al Mubarak Foundation to meet the increasing demand for food support in Dewsbury. The funds have been instrumental in purchasing additional food items, expanding the scope of the foodbank initiative, and reaching out to more individuals and families experiencing poverty.

Al Mubarak Foundation acknowledges the One Community Foundation for its unwavering support and commitment to improving the lives of those in need. The foundation also extends its gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who selflessly contribute their time and efforts to ensure the smooth operation of the foodbank initiative.