One Community backs project delivering yoga and movement sessions to adults with dementia.

One Community backed Umbrella Yoga to deliver yoga and mindful movement sessions to older adults, focusing on those with dementia or mild cognitive impairment.

Umbrella Yoga said “There‚Äôs so much potential in yoga as an effective intervention not only for the cognitive decline associated with dementia, but also the general physical challenges that come with older age. Yoga offers a chance to maintain physical strength, co-ordination and mobility, and also develop attention and focus. These effects, combined, surely contribute to better wellbeing and quality of life in older adults”.

Umbrella Yoga worked with YCC, Age UK, and Thornhill Community Centre on the delivery of the project. Christine Rhodes from YCC said “The yoga sessions have been great for our group who all live with early onset dementia. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face after yoga”.

Umbrella Yoga have also been sharing the knowledge and experience they have gained from delivering the projects the Kirklees Care homes team at their virtual meeting.