the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

The secret to successful applications


1. Do your research

Are you applying to the correct fund? Take time to read the information on our website about what funding we have available.


2. Make sure you’re eligible

To avoid wasting your time and energy on applications which stand no chance of success, always read the eligibility criteria carefully. Then read them again.


3. Give us a call

If you are unsure whether your project meets our eligibility criteria, a quick phone call to double-check that yours is the type of project that we would be interested in supporting, can save an enormous amount of time spent submitting applications, which are unlikely to be accepted. Even if you are sure that your project will be eligible, a brief conversation with us may be useful to confirm that funding is still available, or to provide insights into how you might tailor your application to maximise your chances of success.


4. Be clear and concise

When describing your project remember to be clear about its aims, its reach, the outcomes you are trying to achieve, who will benefit and how much funding you are requesting.


5. Exit strategy

Include in your application your exit strategy to demonstrate to us that you’re mindful of your beneficiaries and your charity’s sustainability.


6. Provide all the information requested

Please pay attention to this section. We are forever chasing groups to supply all the supporting information requested; this additional work places a big demand on our limited resources. We require copies of accounts and other supporting material, to assess the robustness of your policies and procedures and the transparency of your financial activities. Failure to provide this information causes delays, and can even jeopardise your application’s chance of being accepted. As such, it is important to ensure that these documents are available, up-to-date, and well-presented.


7. Invest in fundraising

Researching relevant funders, deciphering eligibility criteria and completing application forms can be a time consuming endeavour for small groups with limited resources. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to writing a clear and persuasive funding proposal. We are beginning to offer fundraising workshops and offer one-to-one advice sessions for Kirklees voluntary groups. Get in touch with us for more information, we are always happy to help.