the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

Coronavirus Emergency Fund 

We are awarding grants for a period up to June 30th 2021.  You must be able to spend all of your grants by this date. No extensions will be granted. We cannot accept requests to counter the loss of income due to the pandemic.

We award grants on a rolling basis until the funds are gone. Grants will be paid within 14 days of the panel meeting.

One Community Foundation understands the impact that the Coronavirus will have upon communities. With this in mind, the Foundation, and its donors, have come together to respond to the growing emergency. We are keen to make sure that the organisations helping those most affected get the support that they need, so have launched a Coronavirus Emergency Fund in partnership with National Emergencies Trust (NET) and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - GOV.UK (DCMS).

How much can you apply for?

£5,000 for charitable organisations, 

£10,000 for Hubs/Anchor organisations.

Currently, we are awarding grants for a period up to June 30th 2021.  You must be able to spend all of your grants by this date; otherwise, it will need to be repaid. No extensions will be granted.

Please note: we aim to make payments very quickly from this fund - therefore please follow these requests:

If you have applied before: Only upload a copy of your most recent bank statement. It must show your group name, sort code and account number. (no older than 6 months)

If you are applying to us for the first time: We will need a copy of your constitution or governing document, a list of at least three trustees not related and not at same address including names, addresses and contact details, and your most recent bank statement. (no older than 6 months). 

You also need to provide a budget breakdown:

This should be a breakdown of the total project cost, not just the amount you apply to us for. If you are not applying to us for the full project cost, please remember to note how you will raise the additional money required to conduct your project on the budget.

Your budget should be set out as follows – (Please be as detailed as possible, including the rate of pay per hour).

Example Budget

Staff x 2 @ £10.00ph x 4 hours per week, for ten weeks = £400.00 (We would like the grant to cover this cost)

Volunteer x 10 Petrol costs @ 45p per mile, on average 10 miles per week for ten weeks (£4.50 x 10) = £45.00 x 10 = £450.00 (We would like the grant to cover this cost)


Litter pickers £15.99 each x 10 = £159.99 (We would like the grant to cover £150.09 of this cost, we have fundraised to cover the additional needed).

Rubbish bags £3.50 per roll of bags x 100 rolls = £350.00 (We would like the grant to cover £0 of this cost, we have fundraised to cover the additional needed).

Total project costs £1,359.90

Total Requested £1,000

PLEASE NOTE we are prioritising the following groups and activities for immediate relief:

For example:

  • Organisations that support the on-going needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained

  • Organisations in support of activities that relieve pressure on local statutory services, particularly emergency or health and social care provisions, or compliment their repose

  • Groups and activities that support vulnerable people self-isolating (the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions, those contacted by track and trace)

  • Support for food banks/food and hygiene provision and organisations working to combat hardship caused by the pandemic, including child hunger

  • Additional support as required for emotional support, mental health and bereavement support

We are particularly keen to receive applications from organisations that support BAME Communities.

What can you apply for?

The cost of food and hygiene products, delivery costs, for example, petrol, PPE and additional cleaning costs, volunteer costs responding to the effects of the crisis, staffing cost relating to the project, equipment costs etc. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Voluntary and community organisations, including but not limited to:

▪ registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations, community benefit society  

▪ constituted organisations and non-registered charities

▪ community interest companies and community benefit societies

▪ Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) 

▪ Religious organisations (if the funded activity is not deemed to be proselytising). 


▪ Grants that are solely for the provision of bursaries/grants to individuals or families cannot be awarded. However, other provisions such as emergency food parcels or other items can be purchased and distributed to their beneficiaries.  

▪ Statutory bodies such as city and county councils or health institutions cannot apply

  • We are not able to make grants to individuals – if you are looking for a grant for an individual, please search for support at Turn2Us.

  • We cannot accept requests to counter the loss of income due to the pandemic.

  • Retrospective funding 

Additional notes to applicants 

Anti-Fraud Requirements

We will be using Spotlight and BankWizard checks as part of due diligence checks for grants due to receive DCMS government funding. Bank Wizard is sophisticated software designed to validate and verify bank account details and card details before you submit them to an electronic payment system. We will use Spotlight to check that your project is not being funded by another funder (double funding). 

Why are we collecting and processing your personal data?

At the application stage, the personal data we process are the details of a legally responsible individual at your organisation THIS SHOULD BE A TRUSTEE NOT A STAFF MEMBER- name, email address, phone number, Date of Birth. We process this to conduct organisational checks for grant-making and fraud detection and error after the grants have been made (this is called “post-grant award assurance”). If the details of the legally responsible individual can not be confirmed during our checks, we will not be able to fund the project. 

We will also hold contact details (name, phone number, email address) of an individual at your organisation to maintain contact during the programme.

Your data will be shared with the UK Community Foundation and DCMS for the purposes of:

Post-grant award assurance activity to enable DCMS or an organisation acting on its behalf to identify funds that have been paid in incorrectly, either because of fraud, error or if a grant duplicates a grant made by another funder.