Six local community projects celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee have been commissioned by One Community Foundation.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will see Huddersfield become a sea of patriotic red, white and blue this June in celebration of the mammoth milestone and preparations for the big occasion are well under way, thanks to the One Community Foundation.

The four-day Bank Holiday will honour a remarkable 70-year reign and thanks to funding from One Community Foundation, six local projects will be at the heart of community celebrations.

Emma Woods-Bolger, the CEO of the foundation, says “The £38,000 of Let’s Create Jubilee funding we have awarded will ensure that thousands of people from communities across Kirklees will have the opportunity to take part in exciting creative events – all in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee”.

“From playwriting and performances to making crowns, carnival and recorded youth expressions of rap, there will be a huge range of exciting activities for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in”.

One of the project commissions is the Berry Brow Carnival, which will return after a two-year absence.

They told us “We would like to combine excitement the re-opening of the carnival after a two-year absence with a celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as one of our prime aims is to have a day of celebration, and what better celebration could there be”
“One thing we will be doing is a crown competition for everyone in the community with the opportunity to make the most imaginative crowns they can, in fact, all that would limit them is their imagination.”

The Ravensthorpe Community Centre which will host an extravaganza event ‘The Great British Royal Banquet’ that includes different cultural performances and dishes.

A member from The Ravensthorpe Community Centre said, “We want to bring everyone together, and look beyond, colour, race, religion, language and celebrate the Queens Jubilee with great ceremony.”

“We are in the process of writing a play which will be performed by the local children. The play will give a brief introduction on Queen Victoria and her close relationship with all South Asian countries. Thereafter moving onto the story of how the Queens uncle abdicated from the throne and her father took over as King, followed by the Queen. The story will touch on the rich history of all the South Asian countries, and how they were connected with Britain. We will then focus on real life stories been played out about members of the British South Asian community whose ancestors were members of the British Army and fought in the wars alongside their comrades. These parts will be performed by the children and youth of the community.”

Emma Woods-Bolger commented “We had a great response from local organisations wanting to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The projects we have funded offer a unique opportunity for people to get together and celebrate in their communities.”

The six community projects receiving a share of the funding are, Berry Brow Carnival Committee, Ravensthorpe Community Centre Limited, Castle Hill School Fund, The Branch, Aspire Creating Communities, and Shelley Community Association.