Local impact small grant big impact.

As a Community Foundation for Kirklees, we have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in our community. We use our network of local connections to identify needs and collaborate with local charities and organizations to provide vital funding.

In this time of rising costs, One Community has partnered with businesses and agencies to deliver coordinated funding to those on the front lines, who are best placed to make an impact on the lives of local residents.

By working with our place-based community projects, we are able to direct resources to where it is needed the most. This is a powerful way to ensure that our funding is having a measurable and meaningful effect.

The Crescent & Co CIC, received a grant from One Community, enabling them to provide vital support with basics such as hot food, warm clothing and help with utilities, to vulnerable families in Batley during the Winter months.

One of the families benefiting from the support was the Williams family,
Mum Sarah had fled an abusive relationship and was in a hotel with her young daughter.

Paula the founder of The Crescent was able to discreetly reach out to Sarah and invited her for a cuppa and chat. However, Sarah, said it would be too overwhelming to come in person and declined the offer. But Paula kept messaging her over a couple of weeks, and she eventually, went to the Crescent for a cuppa and chat on a day that no one else was in
Sarah’s teenage daughter had suffered trauma leaving her with severe anxiety and would not go out. After a few weeks of Mum visiting us and telling her daughter about the project, the girl agreed to go with Mum and loved it.
Sarah has since become a volunteer with the project and is rebuilding her life with her daughter. The family told us that the support with food, clothing, and utilities has made a world of difference to them. The family has now been rehoused and The Crescent is continuing to support them.
We are proud to be able to bring support and resources to our local community, and we invite you to join us in our mission. Together, we can make a lasting difference in Kirklees.