Beyond CSR: Funding Sustainability

With the UK aiming to be Net Zero by 2050, legislation is changing. It’s natural for companies to start thinking about the environment, but with a rapidly shifting landscape, more needs to be done. 

How green are you?

You’ve embraced recycling and switched to LEDs – now, let’s take your commitment to the next level! Beyond your workplace, there’s an incredible opportunity to support environmental projects in Kirklees and be a catalyst for positive change.

So what’s next?

🌍✨ Elevate Your Impact, Transform Your Community! ✨🌱

🌳 Your community craves support, with over 2500 projects yearning to make impactful changes. They are vital contributors to our shared Net Zero ambitions, but the competitive landscape of funding often hinders their progress.

🤝 This is where dedicated donors and individuals, driven by concern and a passion for change, unite under the umbrella of One Community. Together, we are creating a collective force to fund environmental projects.

💚 By extending your support and contributing to our environmental fund, you become part of something bigger. Through our pooled fund, we match your donation, amplifying both its size and the impact we can collectively achieve. Your generosity not only grows, but so does the transformative influence we can wield.

🌟 Join us in making a lasting difference! Together, we can empower communities, foster sustainability, and contribute to a greener, brighter future for Kirklees. Your business’s involvement is not just a donation; it’s a powerful investment in the well-being of our environment and the prosperity of our community. 🌏💙 #EnvironmentalImpact #CommunityTransformation #SupportKirklees

Below you will find a handful of examples of projects we fund.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon reduction covers a wide array of projects – Many focus on reducing an organisations carbon footprint, but some projects take a more active role in reducing carbon dioxide in the area. For example, River Holme Connections used funding from One Community to plant over thousands of trees around Holme Valley, as well as conservation projects to protect the trees already there.

Green Spaces

Some of the environmental projects we’ve funded have created, or maintained, green spaces. These spaces play a vital role in protecting the biodiversity of our local landscapes. Allotments, nature trails and community gardens help a wide range of wildlife thrive by creating strong ecosystems.

Beyond this, green spaces can have a beneficial effect of mental and physical health as more people can enjoy time outdoors, whether gardening or walking.

Raising Awareness

To ensure a lasting impact on the environment, projects funded by environmental grants can get people engaged with the natural world, and educate them about plant growth, composting. Looking after the environment then becomes an everyday part of life.

If you’d like to know more about funding environmental projects, please contact us on 01484 468397.

Emma Woods-Bolger, CEO, One Community

Emma has worked as a Philanthropy Advisor and Grantmaker for 13 years, liaising with philanthropists, advisors and charitable organisations in Kirklees and Calderdale. She has been the CEO of One Community Foundation since 2019, steering the charity to award over £1,000,000 to over 300 grantees in 2022-23.