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Kirklees Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

One Community Foundation has launched the appeal to raise funds for local charitable groups that are supporting communities and the most vulnerable affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

We will support local charities and community organisations across Kirklees in two stages: response, then recovery. In the response stage, we will get extra money to organisations that we know are supporting vulnerable groups affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In the recovery stage, we will fund a wider group of local charities and community organisations whose operations and finances have been affected, so they can recover and continue their activities once the outbreak eases.

We will work to make sure that funds reach the voluntary groups and communities that need the most support. We are in touch with local charity umbrella bodies and front-line organisations to see what’s needed, and how funds can be spent. From our experience, we know a lot of these organisations and so will quickly be able to assist them with emergency funding.

We are aware that many people and businesses are struggling at the moment financially. However, if you are able, please make a donation and support our work.

If you are looking for funding to support a project or voluntary group responding to the Coronavirus outbreak, please follow this link.