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Match It!

At One Community we have been standing together with the community during the Coronavirus Crisis. We have distributed over £500,000 of grant aid locally, and our support will not stop there, we are now launching Match It! This new programme of support is open to community groups and charities based in Kirklees.

The programme has multiple elements and will provide money and support. Firstly, we are offering your organisation the opportunity to take part in Match It! We will match any donation you receive online between 1st November 2020 and 31st January 2021 (that means with gift aid every pound you raise is worth £2.25 to your organisation). Up to £10,000. In a nutshell, ‘Match It!’ will match the fundraising efforts of participating charities and community groups in Kirklees over a 3-month period, up to the value of £10,000!

  • Opening September 1st - Closing October 17th 
  • Applicants informed of the outcome by October 26th
  • Fundraising will take place from November 1st to January 31st

We will provide advice on the different online fundraising platforms. Your organisation will be provided with a branding kit which is fully editable, meaning you can add your own branding to it. 

The second element is an organisational support package, specifically designed to offer developmental support, including training, consultancy and mentoring alongside our funding to help strengthen charities post Covid19.

To find out about our exciting plans and how we aim to help you please join us on one of our introductory Zoom calls where we will give an overview of the programme and take any questions you might have. You can register your place here:

Eligibility Criteria If you are unsure if you are eligibility, please email Emma at

This fund is open to all Kirklees bases charitable organisations who are delivering services and activities that support and enrich the local community.

However, you will need to be set up as one of the following:

  • Registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations
  • Constituted organisations/ community groups and non-registered charities
  • Community interest companies and community benefit societies
  • Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)
  • Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)
  • Religious organisations may apply as long as the funding will not be used for proselytising.


  • Your turn over must be below £500,000 per annum in the previous financial year.
  • Have at least 3 Trustees, Directors or Management Committee members who are independent and unrelated, and none of whom have more than 50% control.
  • A governing document e.g. constitution or memorandum and articles of association that show how your group is managed.
  • A bank or building society account in the name of your organisation with a minimum of two unrelated cheque signatories.
  • Accounts or a record of income and expenditure for your group, and sound plans for managing your money (if you are a new group, you will need to provide a bank statement and a project budget).
  • If your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults, you will need to have a safeguarding policy in place.

What can you spend the money on? 

The application will ask you to tell us what you will do with the money, we understand that recovery will be different for each organisation. However, we will prioritise organisations which will use the money to stabilise and thrive. You can use the money for example for staffing (not redundancies), rent, equipment or project work etc. 

What we will not fund

  • Retrospective applications (i.e. the funding of activities that have already taken place or the repayment of money that has already been spent)
  • Projects that would normally have been funded from statutory sources (e.g. Council or Central Government)
  • Religious activities or projects that promote religion, although we may fund activities carried out by faith groups for wider community benefit
  • Political activities.
  • Projects where the main beneficiaries are animals.