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The Longley Farm Fund 

The principle purpose of the Longley Farm Fund is to support artistic and cultural activities, but it will also consider supporting general funding applications from voluntary groups in the beneficial area. Groups can apply for up to £1,000.

The fund welcomes applications from the following beneficial areas only: Holmfirth, Austonley, Upperthong, Holme, Cartworth, Wooldale, Hepworth, Fulstone and Netherthong.

Groups funded picture details: (above left) Brass Factor received a grant of £300 towards the cost of hiring the Picturedome in Holmfirth; and (above right) the Holmfirth Folk Festive were awarded £1,000 towards the cost of running the annual event.

Last year, 12 groups were awarded funding: 1st Holme Valley (Holmfirth) Scout Group £485 for the cost of replacing 6 tables. Brass Factor £300 hire for the Holmfirth Picturedome and the cost of extending the stage. FairandFunky CIC £769 to deliver a school project on recycling. Food Bank Volunteers (Holme Valley) £550 contribution towards the cost of providing food parcels at Christmas. Friend to Friend £400 to fund a Tai Chi teacher for a minimum of 8 months. HD9 Community Music £600 towards the purchase of instruments. Holme Valley Sharing Memories £500 towards the cost of re-establishing the tradition of well-dressing. Holmepride Community in Action £800 for the purchase of a new horseshoe shaped bench in Victoria Park. Holmfirth Art Week £1,000 operating costs for Holmfirth Art Week in 2019. Holmfirth Festival of Folk £1,000 event operating costs. Holmfirth Film Festival £500 venue hire fees. River 2015 £1,000 towards the cost of 3 interpretation boards.

One Community makes grants to a wide range of organisations. The Foundation is particularly keen to help grassroots community groups, and small-to-medium-sized voluntary organisations, and priority will be given to these groups. We do not normally make grants to large local, regional and national charities. If in doubt whether your application can be considered, please contact us: (01484) 468397.

Want to make a funding application? Read our guidelines first...

If you have no computer knowledge and would prefer a paper application form, please conatct us (01484) 468397.

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This fund opens again in September, 2020.