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Comic Relief Local Communities Core Strength Fund

The Comic Relief Local Communities Core Strength Fund is open now for applications. Please read all the information below, and the fund guidelines.

The Fund supports charitable organisations with annual incomes of up to £100,000 that work to address disadvantage. Applications must be to cover core costs (i.e. expenditure not connected to delivering projects but focussing on investing in the organisation as a whole, such as basic running costs). Grants are for up to £5,000.

This fund has its own criteria and online application form (click on the blue apply button, below). Applicants may apply separately to both this fund and to other One Community funds, provided that any other application to one Community is to support project activity costs, (i.e. not for core costs).

The panel want to see applications that demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs of their community. All applications should demonstrate strong evidence that they are undertaking actions that have an impact on addressing the needs identified. Groups will need to demonstrate clearly how their project fits into the Comic Relief Core Strength priorities.  

If we are over subscribed, we will only look at applications that meet one or more of the Comic Relief Core Strength priorities.

If you are unsure if your group can make an application, please call us for more information: (01484) 468397

The deadline for applications is Thursday 31 May, 2018.