the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

Covid-19 funding support communities experiencing racial inequity. 

Over the past few months it has become increasingly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on communities experiencing racial inequity. 

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) and UK Community Foundations, as a grant distribution partner, have recently come under scrutiny regarding how this issue is being handled through the NET Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. It has been highlighted that extra efforts must be made to ensure enough funding and resources are going to the voluntary sector and communities experiencing racial inequity, so those worst affected are getting all the help they need.

As a Community Foundation and a local funder, we recognise that we hold a position of responsibility within Kirklees to ensure that this happens. As a grant maker dedicated to funding community organisations engaged in improving local lives, we are committed to supporting all parts of our communities fairly and equally.

One Community Foundation will ensure:

That no part of our community or any organisation should ever believe that we have excluded them from the support they need or deserve, or think that we will not fund them because they are from communities experiencing racial inequity. ; or are a part of any similarly marginalised community groups.

Every community organisation that comes to One Community for grant funding, or support, should feel welcomed, supported, respected and valued.

We have a responsibility to be a leader in creating positive change in our local communities. Therefore, we have committed to the following actions to support communities experiencing racial inequity  and other similarly marginalised communities, who are affected by Covid-19 and to improve our processes and practices over the longer term:

1. We will continue to increase our efforts to publicise the funding we have available, which will include specific webinars for Communities experiencing racial inequity. and similarly marginalised community organisations, explaining the application process and offering additional support.

2. A review of our Covid-19 grants to date has been undertaken. We have looked at our data and identified where organisations applying to the Coronavirus Fund have self-identified that the grant will support BAME communities. So far 22.6% of our Coronavirus emergency funding has gone directly to communities experiencing racial inequity. In Kirklees, communities experiencing racial inequity make up 20.9% of the population. Further reviews of our funding will be conducted at regular intervals.